Maria on Homegrown MiniGolfMaria Reidelbach: Biography

Maria Reidelbach is an artist and author whose work embraces the intersection of folk and pop culture and whose projects are a unique hybrid of intelligence and humor. In 2006 Maria created the popular and award-winning Homegrown Mini-Golf on Kelder's Farm in Accord, New York, a roadside attraction that doubles as a teaching tool, and which is landscaped entirely in edible plants, flowers, herbs and trees. Part of the project is the World's Largest Garden Gnome, known as Chomsky, for which she received a Guinness World Record in 2007. Her latest endeavor is a project to create more awareness and appreciation of local farming in the Rondout Valley. Stick to Local Food is a game with unique, theme-shaped art stickers made for farms and a folding map of the farms with a special spot for each sticker. Visitors take a farm tour as they collect the stickers to fill in their maps, which get more and more colorful. Maria's publications include the bestselling Completely MAD: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine and Miniature Golf. (Photo above, Maria on site at Homegrown Mini-Golf.)

Maria and blimp Hailing from a military family, Maria was conceived in Germany, born in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey and lived in three states before spending her school years in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania where her maternal grandparents had once farmed. She received a BFA in Painting from the University of Akron, graduating magna cum laude in 1981. (Photo left: Maria with the Goodyear blimp, an early encounter with a giant.)

After interning at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City, she was hired as a preparator and coodinator of donor activities, spending half her time in work boots and the other half in a cocktail dress.

In the 1980s Maria became a private art registrar and developed some of the first software used for cataloging fine art. As personal computers become more common, the demand for her cataloging software led her to create a business developing custom applications for artists, estates, art historians and collectors; her clients included Eric Fischl, the Alexander Calder Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Alexander Archipenko Foundation and others through the 1990s. She also curated and co-curated several art exhibitions in New York City, including Alfred Jensen: Paintings and Works on Paper at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 1985 and exhibitions at Barbara Toll Fine Art and Max Protetch Gallery.

Miniature Golf BookCompletely Mad CoverIn 1987, pursuing an abiding interest in roadside Americana, Maria co-authored Miniature Golf, a social history of the game (Abbeville Press, 1987, with Nina Garfinkel and John Margolies). Her next book, Completely MAD: A History of the Comic Book and Magazine (Little, Brown, 1991), chronicled another quirky pop-cultural back-alley, and was a best seller.

In the 1990s Maria realized that rather than merely writing about popular culture and helping to organize other people's art, she needed to create original work. Among her first projects toward that goal were The Totally Kid Carousel (Project Manager for artist Milo Mottola), Goofy Garden Golf (in collaboration with artist Ken Brown) and the Needlepoint Museum. Feeling a need to help her neighborhood to recover from the damages of 9/11, in 2002 she joined the staff of Manhattan Youth Recreation and Resources, becoming the Lower Manhattan community group's first art director and helping to launch the Downtown Community Center, the first to serve Tribeca and Battery Park City. In 2009 Maria migrated to the Hudson Valley, becoming a full-time resident in 2012.

Maria's commitment to community and public advocacy has propelled her to serve several nonprofit organizations. She is a founding board member and Chair of the Hudson Valley Current, an alternative currency, now in beta test phase, serves on board of the Rondout Valley Growers Association (Vice-President), Re>Think Local: the Hudson Valley Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy (founding Board member), the New York Mycological Society (President from 2007 to 2012) and Options for the Future (volunteer and Board member, 1980s). Her umbrella company, the Corn Cow Company, is a founding NYS B Corporation



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Header portrait by William Coupon, top photo by Elizabeth Panzer, blimp photo © Donald E. Harvey 1979, bottom photo © Chris Ramirez 2009.